Vardaam develops a custom workflow solution for an American non-profit organization.

Read the full case study to understand how Vardaam transformed a cluttered web presence into a cohesive,  user-friendly platform for a professional association in the political industry.

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The Client’s Information:

This case study features a prominent community of political professionals who offer connections, resources, and events to help individuals stay up-to-date on the latest best practices in campaigns and grow their businesses. As dedicated advocates of the American system of free elections, they also support students preparing to enter the profession of politics through their non-profit organization. At Vardaam, we applied our expertise to deliver a customized website that enhanced the online presence and streamlined their website. The new website includes features such as easy to navigate site structure, simplified checkout processes, and user profile customization options, resulting in an improved overall user experience and more.

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Business Goals and objectives for the new website:

The client’s main business goal for the new website was to overcome the limitations of their old PrestaShop website. The website was initially constructed using an PHP version. However, due to the website’s age, the PHP version that was used during its creation has become outdated and our main goal was to create a more efficient
e-commerce platform. The objectives for the new website were to:

  • To put everything under one domain instead of multiple sub-domains, one WordPress website, reducing confusion for users and streamlining website management for the in-house team.
  • To offer users the ability to customize their profiles, including uploading profile pictures, allowing for a more personalized experience on the website.
  • To integrate with OpenWater and JobBoard, making it easier to manage website content and streamline processes.To integrate with OpenWater and JobBoard, making it easier to manage website content and streamline processes.
  • In order to enhance the efficiency of the checkout process for memberships and events.
  • To create a reporting feature that tracks user counts and revenue generated by the website, enabling the in-house team to make data-driven decisions to improve website performance.
  • To create a custom registration process using “The Calendar of Events and Gravity Forms”, allowing for a smooth and efficient process for users to register for events and memberships.

These objectives were put in place to help the client, Vardaam, achieve their goal of delivering a high-quality, user-friendly website that supports the needs of a community of political professionals.

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Pain Limitations and Points of Previous Website:

The previous website, built using PHP on PrestaShop, presented several pain points and limitations that prompted the client to seek a more effective solution, such as WordPress.

  • Complicated Checkout Process: The previous website had a complicated checkout process divided into three different domains, which led to a poor user experience.
  • No User Login on Form Page: The previous website lacked a user login on the form page, resulting in a disjointed user experience.
  • No Reporting Functionality: The admin backend lacked reporting functionality, making it difficult for the website owner to monitor user counts and revenue.
  • Reapplication for Events: Users had to reapply for events due to the checkout process being divided into multiple domains, causing frustration and wasted time.
  • Lack of Subscription Management Functionality: The previous website did not provide any functionality for managing subscriptions at the user panel, making it difficult for users to manage their subscriptions.

By addressing these pain points, the new website created by Vardaam provides a better user experience and improved functionality for both users and the website owner.

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The way our solution helped improve the client’s website and achieve their goals:

We addressed the limitations and shortcomings of the client’s website by implementing the following solutions:

  • Combined Multiple Domains: We combined three different domains into a single WordPress website, eliminating the complicated checkout process and making it more streamlined.
  • User Personalization: We added a personalization feature that allows users to customize their profiles with profile pictures, making it easier for them to connect with the brand.
  • Reporting Feature: To provide clients with valuable insights, we implemented a reporting feature for the admin backend that enables clients to monitor the number of users and revenue. This feature provides essential information about website performance and enterprise success.
  • Streamlined Checkout Process: With our solution, the checkout process became a one-step process with fewer clicks, providing a more efficient and user-friendly experience for customers.
  • Subscription Management: Our solution enabled users to manage their subscriptions with ease, such as upgrading or downgrading their subscriptions. This added convenience for users and increased their overall satisfaction with the website.

By implementing these solutions, we improved the client’s website and helped them achieve their business goals, such as increasing online sales and revenue through a streamlined checkout process, providing a more personalized user experience, and improving backend efficiency and user-friendliness.

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Effects and Results on the Business of the Client:

Through the integration of multiple domains into a single WordPress website, the client was able to enhance the overall user experience. Improvements such as a simplified checkout process and the ability for users to personalize their profiles led to higher customer satisfaction and engagement. The addition of subscription management and reporting capabilities provided valuable insights into the performance of the website and the success of the client’s enterprise. The resulting website successfully met the business goals and improved the customer experience.

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